Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids today are sophisticated devices capable of incredible feats. Since their users depend on them throughout the day, hearing aids get exposed to a wide array of environments and conditions, and their tiny components occasionally require repair.

At The Hearing Center we understand how important these devices are for your daily activities and we strive for the fastest repairs possible. If you have a hearing aid in need of repair, bring it to us for a diagnosis. Our knowledgeable team will identify what’s occurring, and often make repairs directly in the office. With our start-of-the-art tools, we can generally fix your hearing aids that same day.

Occasionally, hearing aids may require a repair that is more than we can handle. For major repairs like these, we’ll send your hearing aids to their manufacturer for service. Rest assured, however, that our dedicated team will do everything we can to make this process as painless as possible. We’ll discuss your options, keep you updated on timelines, and may offer some loaner hearing aids for the time being. We’ll do everything we can to get you back on the path to better hearing quickly.

Hearing Aids We Offer Include:

  • Oticon
  • Phonak
    • Audéo B
    • Nadia B
    • Roger Focus
    • Audeo Marvel
    • Virto B-Titanium
    • Cros B-R
  • ReSound Hearing Aids
  • Rexton Hearing Aids
  • Signia Hearing Aids
    • Pure Charge&Go
    • Cellion Primax
    • Silk
    • Stiletto Connect
    • Cros NX Charge&Go
    • Pure NX
  • Sonic Hearing Aids
  • Starkley Hearing Aids
    • Livio
    • Picasso
    • SoundLens Synergy iQ
  • Unitron Hearing Aids
  • Widex Hearing Aids

Need assistance with your hearing aids? We can help.


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